The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

First Introduction to the Manual: How to use it and interesting facts about Chi Generators®, Orgonite®, Life Energy, etc.
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Multiple Chi Energy Transfer


In this manual, you will find the following information:
(1) General about devices, programs for PC and accessories
(2) A bit of theory, as much as necessary
(3) Devices and programs in particular
(4) Success strategies

You can join classes as well as other broadcasts by interactive life streaming video.  Check this site regularly for new information, especially about success strategies and send us an e-mail, and we are going to notify you of the times of interactive broadcasts.

Life Energy Technology ...
It's fun, it's easy, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid
back and relax while you expect assured success!

Congratulations and Welcome!

With your decision to acquire a generator of life energy, or Chi Generator® from HSCTI - Hyper Space1 Communications and Technologies International - or BEC - Bio Energy Corporation -, you have opened wide the door to a very successful future.
These generators of life energy are at the beginning of a whole array of amazing new technologies, and, besides charging your body and mind with massive amounts of life energy, they certainly can be a decisive help in your efforts to make your dreams come to manifestation. This is so, because an energized and balanced body also provides your brain with energy and balance, which in turn leads to an increase of the powers of your mind, and this power and energy can be decisive whenever it comes to bringing your desires to manifestation with the help of abstraction-based trend energies that you can generate with the help of this extremely versatile new technology.
In the following, I am going to introduce you systematically to the very basics of this exciting new life energy technology at first. This introduction will make it much easier for you to understand of the nature of your device, the principles of the energy that it generates and what you can do with this energy! 
After this introduction, simply follow the instructions of a selection of introductory practices. This way you will gain hands-on experience, which will ensure that it will be much easier for you than ever to work on situations that are of a more complex nature.
Eventually, you will apply advanced methods of using your device and combine them with very effective success strategies. These success strategies are a very important part of you work, especially when your intentions are geared towards achieving overall success, and therefore I dedicated a large part of these instructions to teaching you how to develop the best strategy or strategies to achieve that which you want to achieve.
Soon this extremely useful and powerful new technology will appear to you as something entirely natural; as something that you are going to use on a daily basis, just as driving your car, using your mobile phone or watching TV, and you certainly will appreciate its extreme effectiveness and versatility.

The Equipment

chi energizer 69
CE 69 Chi Energizer

chi energizer 99
CE 99 Chi Energizer

aqua optima 2000
AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer™

chi generator ju 99
JU 99 Series

cd for chi frequencies
JU 1000

chi generator lpog dl
LPOG 2400 DL

chi generator lpog hd
LPOG 2400 HD

chi generator performer 2400
Performer 2400

chi energy generator pchd
PCHD 2400

atg5 chi energy generator

chi energy ring atgs
ATGS 3000

transfer couple for chi energy
TC 99

large transfer to energize food

power booster
PBT 2400

potency booster
PBTBH 2400

basic manifestation program
Basic Manifestation Program

weight los manifestation program
Weight Control Program

supermanifestation program
Supermanifestation Program

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