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The fat-buster: success strategies in weight control, or: how you can get the physique that you have always wanted!
Weight control is a typical example of multiple negative outcome where there is a clash between will and imagination/expectation. In fact, huge industries are thriving as a result of that rather sad situation, which they are exploiting shamelessly.
Let’s get it straight first: fat is part of us. It is storage of energy reserves that will be used in times of inadequate food supply. As a temporary measure, this certainly is fine and natural. Gross overweight, on the other hand, has long been proven to be a considerable health risk.
Therefore, whenever you want to lose weight, you simply use up your reserves, no less and no more is required!
Seems simple, and yet, most people have serious problems doing just that when intending to get rid of their excess pounds.
It is possible that humans do not have much of a genetic protection against over-eating, and most certainly do most of them not act that way. That, at least, is it what some people contend. Perhaps that’s correct and not a lead-in publicity stunt to get the general public prepared for some of the more esoteric scam-methods of genetically engineered “treatment” or some alternative medicine “quantum nanotechnology” patches designed to change the genes.
Perhaps we should look at another facet of the problem. First of all, there are enough people out there who “manage” to maintain a fairly normal body weight even in times of plenty. Secondly, in countries where there is ample food advertising, there is an excessive tendency towards gross overweight of huge parts of their populations, while in countries with plenty of food supply, but much less food advertising, such a problem does not exist. This is a situation that does not necessarily support the assumption (or cop-out) of the “genetic scapegoat.” A good example is Europe, where all of a sudden gross overweight became rampant. All of a sudden? Well, this development “coincidentally coincided” with the “invasion” of the fast-junk-food industry. What is still missing in those countries is that extremely gross fatness, which I have observed only in countries and population groups where corn is one of the main staples of food and of food-ingredients.
In the US some 50% of non-drug-TV advertising is geared towards food, almost always the rather unhealthy and fattening fast food garbage. Even in soap operas the “heroes” with whom the viewers so happily identify are eating quite a bit. If it did not work, the food industry would not go to the massive expense of working on expectation and imagery of the audiences. As a consequence of it working well, people eat more, get fatter, and they feed the coffers of ruthless industries of death and disease.
Counteracting the impact of food commercials should be the first and foremost strategy to help an overweight person!
Having seen and read thousands of commercials coming from the slim-down industry, I have not noticed a single one that would describe the impact of food advertising. Strong vested interests (besides simple ignorance of the facts) may cause the slimming-industry’s advertisers and executives from addressing that problem. In fact, it is certainly more profitable to thrive on guilt-feelings of the fat and not so fat people addressed by the commercials than working towards removing the root causes of gross obesity. Such action, in fact, would reduce the customer-base and market share, of course! People may then also become aware that it’s not some esoteric fat-burning formulas, fast slimming fake-foods that are loaded with chemical junk, self-assertions, costly diets, surgery, 10-minutes a day exercise machines, “relativistic quantum nanotechnology” methods and patches, etc., that lead to lasting success. Quite to the contrary, simply using-up the stored energy (speak: fat), either by being more active or by supplying the body with less energy reserves (speak: food), or both, still appears to be the most effective and cost efficient method! The only recommendation during such times would be that the person takes sufficient vitamins and minerals, ideally not synthetic garbage, so that there is no lack of essential substances that are needed for the proper functioning of the body.

Let’s sum it up:

Potential problems:
1. Clash of expectation/imagination with will power.
2. The expectation of being powerless, mostly promoted by the food industry, but also as a “hidden expectation” in the slim-fast-down industry, will prevail over the will of the individual to lose fat. Have you ever noticed that absurdly fat person sipping on a diet drink or, worse yet, a shake of slim-down-quick junk first, and then gorging him or herself on half a gallon of ice cream and three MacDoodoo Burgers?
3. Paying customers remain paying customers for both branches of industry, provided that they remain fat!

Potential solutions:
1. Reduce impact of advertising from both industries. The best method is to develop inner strategies and mechanisms that create exactly the opposite of what the designers of the commercials intend to do. If possible, boycott all their products. This is definitely not intended as a message for “them,” it can be a working tool for you to trigger a change of attitude in your mind.
2. Develop a set of expectations and inner imagery that favors weight control.
3. Finally, develop strategies to use up the energy reserve of the body, i.e., the layers of fat. This should only be done after points 1 and 2 have been activated and completed successfully, otherwise this can turn out to be too difficult a task, perhaps even useless!
4. These success strategies can be set in motion very effectively when set up as trends with your Chi Generators® and manifestation programs.

A Few Potential Mistakes:
1. Putting “I want to lose weight” in the machine, implying just that, i.e., that you WANT to lose weight.
2. Working with methods that do not address the basic problem of inner attitudes, expectation and self-image.
3. Lack of effective strategies against the impact of food advertising.
4. Guilt-feelings about overweight, using sheer will power alone.
5. ... (and many more)

Suggested procedures:
1. Work on food advertising: There is an appropriate filter available.
2. Develop a concentrated intent to have the perfect weight. Work on the attitude and the confidence that you can do it!
3. Enjoy food! Enjoy it every time you eat it, enjoy every bite, but enjoy it only in quantities that fit the plan and at pre-determined times. It will also be useful not to enjoy it at other times while you are on the plan.
4. Adjust the plan to what your body can handle with ease. For some people losing just one pound a week is optimal, others can handle a lot more. Put an inner-eco-check into your setup. Perhaps consult with a physician or health professional as to what goal you should set.
5. Set up a follow-up plan that corrects the habits for good and does not allow relapses.

The Equipment

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