The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

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Life Energy Technology ...
It's fun, it's easy, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid
back and relax while you expect assured success!

Potential Solutions -
The Wheel of Success!
1. Check for availability. Make sure that what you intend to achieve is do-able.
2. Analyze the situation and the potential for success it offers.
3. Determine personal capability and readiness for the task. If missing, generate ways of the quickest possible achieving of capability.
4. Analyze personal attitudes and your own interferences, idealism, etc. If necessary, take steps to overcome them. Exhibit a positive attitude!
5. Be aware of subconscious blockages and subconscious interferences. Set up operations to re-assign them, if needed.
6. Be aware of interferences from the people-environment and outside interferences. Counteract peer pressure and mental interference from other people.
7. Generate a positive “climatic background of trends” and deal with the religious-cultural environment at the time of the operation.
All this has to be done before you begin with the actual operation. Just one of these points ignored, misjudged, and not acted upon can be a reason for failure of the operation! If needed, set your device to help you taking stock of the challenge and to build your wheel of success!
Any type interference can develop into a reason for failure.
Change and ultimate results will manifest, of course, whenever you can analyze the true nature of the challenge, its various aspects and if, based on that, you put appropriate success strategies into motion such as changes in attitude, changes in appearance and acquiring of the skills needed.
Success strategies are very helpful in developing a winning attitude and the inner feeling that’s so necessary to ger any type of results. It is a well-known fact that, whenever there is a clash between the will to achieve a specific result and conscious or sub-conscious expectations and attitudes towards that outcome, the latter will almost always win out over sheer will power.
Conversely, once you adjust your attitudes and expectations, conscious and nonconscious ones, towards a goal, then sheer will power is of secondary importance, and quite often it is not needed at all.
Above all, be pragmatic in your approach! Rather than aiming at a goal that’s way ahead of your status quo, it is very useful to compromise, to approach your goal persistently step by step, and success will be forthcoming soon!
To set in motion a change of your inner expectations and attitudes is relatively easy, especially with the equipment that you have available now.
Now let’s go to the practical part: Here I am going to introduce you to some typical pitfalls, which invariably lead to unsuccessful outcomes and, after analyzing those pitfalls, I am going to continue with success strategies that can overcome these challenges and ultimately lead to the results that you desire.

The Equipment

chi energizer 69
CE 69 Chi Energizer

chi energizer 99
CE 99 Chi Energizer

aqua optima 2000
AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer™

chi generator ju 99
JU 99 Series

cd for chi frequencies
JU 1000

chi generator lpog dl
LPOG 2400 DL

chi generator lpog hd
LPOG 2400 HD

chi generator performer 2400
Performer 2400

chi energy generator pchd
PCHD 2400

atg5 chi energy generator

chi energy ring atgs
ATGS 3000

transfer couple for chi energy
TC 99

large transfer to energize food

power booster
PBT 2400

potency booster
PBTBH 2400

basic manifestation program
Basic Manifestation Program

weight los manifestation program
Weight Control Program

supermanifestation program
Supermanifestation Program

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