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Structural Links
and Energy Transfer
You have gained the evidence that life energy transfers at any distance. In fact, you have (hopefully) performed the previous exercises. For this transfer, an adequate structural link and sufficient life energy are important.
In the following chapters, you are going to learn more about several types of structural links. You know of structural links that are identical (actually near-identical), for instance the hair and fingernails that contain the genetic code or photos of a person or location.

You have also had the experience with mentally created structural links, or structural lings that are established by our capability to abstract. One of the things to do in order to get acquainted with your device was to build up a powerful connection with it. The reason being that, the more comfortable you feel with your device, the more powerful the results will be.
Now I am giving you a list of several types of structural links that you can use for your work.

a) Identical Structural Links
I mentioned these in the example with traditional operations: hair, fingernails, etc. Other identical structural links are clothing or signatures, and again it is the genetic code of skin rubbings etc. that you find there, saliva, blood, etc.
Identical structural links are mostly used when a connection with a target is established. A photo is not exactly identical; it is a good “map,” which, as you will learn later, needs a connection based on your capability to abstract.

b) Equivalent Structural Links
Besides identical structural links you can use many different types of equivalent structural links. I mentioned previously the mental connection, which is defined by your capability to abstract, which you can establish with concentration upon the target and upon the envisioned trend (abstractions that are solidified). Here we have nothing tangible per se; we have to do with abstractions, or maps. Such things have a “symbolic,” or better, a symbol- or abstraction-generated connection with the trend or target, and such a connection is established by the mind of the operator. This is so, because a map is meaningless by itself. It has only meaning when it is “in interaction” with a thinking living being who is capable of using it.
Going back to some of the more traditional operations: While the genetic code of the target person establishes a link with that person, because it is unique to every person, traditional operators are quite familiar with other ways to set up specific trends. For these links to be helpful, or useful, the practitioner has to KNOW what this structural connection means. A mental focus on the envisioned action relating to the map while determining that this object is a representative (= “symbol”) of the body of a target person is sufficient in most cases. A photo is an excellent structural connection: the practitioner has to KNOW that it connects with the person it represents, and not with another, identical, photo. The photo, then, is used to solidify an abstraction of connecting life energy at a distance. As far as mental images and thousands of users are concerned, think of the power of prayer in any one of the existing religions!
Experimentally, using double-blind methods, I have proven two important things about such equivalent structural links:
(1) If you focus on a place (for instance in your apartment) where you want to send life energy and you make a scribble at the same time KNOWING that this scribble represents the target, this scribble becomes a valid target link!
(2) The same holds when you arbitrarily set the numbers of your manifestation device or manifestation program while focusing on a target or trend or on both, or if you simply write down a few arbitrary numbers. The manifestation device or program is a perfect map, and it is a very abstract one at that! The simultaneity of focus and setting the parameters makes the arbitrary settings perfect settings!
Here, then, we have the basic common functioning principle of any set of equivalent structural links, and this, in fact, includes the famous “simila similibus.” Simila similibus is a Latin expression, which means that you can treat similar things with similar things, i.e., in folkloristic healing it is believed that an herb that looks like a certain organ can cure an ailment of that organ. This is the basis of “sympathetic medicine.”
The common functioning principle of equivalent structural links is that such links are established by the mind (i.e., the power of abstracting) of an operator when she or he focuses on a target, or action, while establishing its “map” or its “symbol” for the purpose of action at a distance. The more persons work with the same symbol for the same purpose, the more life energy is attached to it and the more reliable can be such a structural connection.
Note: This principle has led to quite a few nonsensical practices whenever the results were explained wrongly in a “materially” oriented way, i.e., the structural linkage between certain objects and specific effects that was established by the mind was not recognized as such and the results were then falsely attributed to assumed inherent “properties” of the materials used as structural linkages. Powdered rhinoceros horn, tiger parts, bear parts, ground up dinosaur fossils and shark fin soup as remedies in Eastern medicine that are still used in our days have been attributed effects, which can be much easier achieved otherwise. More grisly still was the widespread medical cannibalism (eating human parts, usually dried and powdered, including “mumia” = powdered mummies, as remedies) that was practiced all over Europe and elsewhere until about only two centuries ago.
I suspect very much that in the case of astrology millions of people became connected to the establishing of such a structural map. In other words, it likely is not entirely the power of the planets per se that causes astrology to be a tool to make statements about peoples’ lives and to predict their future trends, it is in fact the power of the meanings attached to these planets and their interrelations, positions in “signs” and mutual aspects, as observed from the Earth (geocentrically) throughout the history of that science: a type of a very powerful and effective collective placebo effect. The fact that there are several schools of astrological interpretation using entirely different methods that are often at odds with each other and which seem to bring results to their believers in particular and individuals in the culture where such ideas originated in general nevertheless supports this opinion.
A final note: You can design your own symbols that help you establish structural connections. It is important that these symbols are unique.
Throughout history, a huge number of such religious or esoteric maps of structural links, of any type and description, have been generated and, of course, proven to be valid “beyond the shadow of any doubt.” These links have been mainly established for trends, or desired action. Ultimately a “spirit, planetary genius, deity, ...” that is supposed to do something for you is nothing more than a trend energy that is perceived in an animistic way as a living entity. This perception is the result of such an energy having its own “mind” or cybernetics that allows it to go many potential paths to achieve a specific goal. In fact, this adds a very useful flexibility (expected and/or arranged by the minds of operators) when it comes to achieving success with the help of such “spirits”. On the other hand, such thinking has certainly proven to be a trap that can lead to serious misconceptions when it comes to attempts to understand and explain the processes involved in many “spiritual” or “esoteric” practices. In my opinion, it should be entirely up to the reader or operator to analyze the many esoteric traditions he or she knows of! After all, there are more objective realities out there than living beings in the universe, and that’s quite a few!!! (this is just my opinion...)

The Equipment

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