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Multiple Chi Energy Transfer

Action at a Distance and how it Works

Most certainly, you have heard stories about a shaman or practitioner of Voodoo who had an impact upon another human being even though this person was thousands of miles away. The Voodoo practitioner, for instance, makes a doll, which symbolizes the envisioned target of his or her work, usually a human being. If available, he also inserts personal items belonging to the target person into this doll such as hair, fingernails, or parts of clothing, a signature or a photo. Using this type connection, he or she them seems capable of having an effect at a distance upon the human being whom the doll represents.

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The manner how this Voodoo practitioner intends to influence that person is solely his or her decision.
Note: Voodoo is by no means limited to the infamous use of pins in dolls, and in most cases, it includes practices to establish positive permanent solutions of recurring challenges!  If you have a tendency of condemning religions based on such practices, think of the many Christian priests who see absolutely nothing wrong when they are blessing cannons and other weapons of war, thus blatantly violating Jesus’ command that “thou shalst love thine brother!")
In the example above, the doll, we realize that the practitioner uses something that belongs to the target person. Such an object establishes the structural link.
ow I am going to talk more about the importance of structural links.  Structural links are connections, which we establish with identical things or with equivalent settings, and I am going to tell you more about these differences later.
Structural links allow the flow of life force at any distance.  In the previous section, where I discussed the Chi Generator®, I mentioned that life energy is subject to laws that are essentially different from laws that govern electro-magnetic frequencies such as light in the universe.

One of the characteristics of life energy is that it transfers at any distance, provided the structural links that are present make this transfer possible.
In some of the more traditional practices, including traditional radionics, a drop of blood or hair with follicle is used , which belongs to the person to be diagnosed or energized.  This is so, because these objects are unique and part of the person as a result of the genetic code. It is like a personal phone number with 99 very complex digits with the help of which the practitioner of Voodoo can reach this person. This is similar to the radio station, which can have an effect upon your radio, provided that your radio is fine tuned to the sender. With the same “fine tuning” of identical structures, such as the genetic code life force transfers at any distance.
Such phenomena are almost impossible to explain when we limit ourselves exclusively to the conventional world mapping of a 4-dimensional relativistic Gaussian space-time continuum or a similar limited and primitive mapping of which you hear a lot in pop-science.  To this day, most humans are unaware of this specific characteristic of life energy, i.e., the capability to bridge any distance without loss of energy.  In fact, a great many of them do not even know of the existence of life energy!  For a long time it was a well-guarded secret.

It is time now that we expand our mapping of the world, or the way in which we see and understanding our world and universe in order to be capable of using this exciting new technology to its max!

There are many types of structural links. A drop of blood and a hair with follicle are examples. For this type we use the word “identical structural links”, because the hair and drop of blood on the traditional radionics device or as part of the traditional shamanic operation are identical with the same hair and fingernails that are still part of the person to whom they belonged to begin with.

Now let us take another example: When you focus upon a person, who is not present, i.e., if you see that person with your “inner eye” mentally, you establish a structural link with that person! You certainly have experienced the following: You think of a specific person and shortly afterwards the telephone is ringing. Who might this be? Well, it’s no other than the person who came to your mind previously ... “hello - well, that’s funny, I just thought about you! ...”

You can mentally establish a structural link with a person, object, or situation; consequently, you can direct life energy mentally. Therefore, if you concentrate upon something, or if you just think of it, you establish a structural connection to the object of our thought. Wise men of the old times kept telling their disciples that they “should watch their thoughts, because where your thoughts dwell, there your energy flows!” This ancient observation concerning our mind has a lot of validity.

Obviously your mind is capable of establishing a mentally created structural connection with someone or something when focusing upon it attentively. This fact is of utter importance in the work with your radionics device. Remember, I have mentioned that radionics is a technology of interaction with the mind. This means that you can use basic characteristics of your mental activity to get a result. Now, how then is action at any distance possible?

Here again, life energy is the deciding factor: the stronger the life force is that surrounds an operation such as the Voodoo practice that we described earlier, the stronger the structural link can act that bridges the confinements
of space-time, and the more effective this operation will be.

Of course, let’s hope that it is not your intention to perform “tele-acupuncture” by piercing a doll with pins in order to generate an effect on a person who is thousands of miles away. This example simply is an all-too well-known one to explain how such action is possible and to describe the essential elements of such an action. To sum it all up, we need:
1. Sufficiently strong life force in the function as a “carrier” of the operation, and
2. Sufficiently strong structural linkage to the target of the operation

If we fail to take care of these preconditions, the effect of our operations will be next to nil.

Now you can ask yourself: if this energy transfer is possible, how can you use it to act upon people or events?

Every operation at a distance such as work with a radionics device is performed with a specific goal in mind: to cause a specific trend, or action, that can lead to a desired effect of the operation. If, for instance, a friend of yours is unhappy with a relation, you can send him or her help and energy that will cause rapid recovery.
You can imagine mentally that he or she is happy, which is a mentally created structural link to a trend-energy of happiness. Instead of the mental focus that is tiring when you practice for any extended period of time, you can use something permanent: symbols that represent fortunate circumstances and happiness or a corresponding numeric setting of your radionics device or manifestation program.
When you supply the link to this trend with strong life energy, then the probability of more rapid recovery is heightened. Therefore, besides strong life force to link up with the target (such as your friend), you also need
3. Sufficiently strong structural linkage to the envisioned trend (in our case this was a feeling of happiness and getting out of a slump).

This means that any action at a distance requires at least these three basic elements to be successful. If any one of these is missing, then the operation is doomed to fail. Shamans, Voodoo priests, and others knew this all along!

If you are looking at many of these ancient “esoteric” or “psychic” practices of action at a distance or perception at a distance (ESP) in the light of what you just learned, you will realize why these shamans - and others – did the things their way. You will recognize by now that behind that facade of a “hocus pocus” you find down-to earth, ultimately scientific, i.e., repeatable, methods that evolved from old wisdom concerning life energy and structural links.

As an example: In an old book about “sympathetic methods” (an old word for methods based on structural linkage) you find the following instructions for helping a sick person (more like energizing that person):

“Take seven hairs of the person. Find a young and strong tree. Drill a hole in the trunk of a young, strong, and healthy tree. Put the hair into the hole and close it with the wood of the same tree. The person will feel better.”

In this example you can see that all three principles are active in this operation:

1. Sufficient life energy
2. A strong link to the target person (the hair, preferably with follicle), and
3. A strong structural link to the trend (more energy) as expressed in the health of the young tree and, of course, the intent of the operator.

This wisdom concerning these three principles is at the basis of your work with the radionics device. In fact, this new technology of orgone radionics™, together with this scientific approach to age-old empirical practices opens up many new possibilities for you. One of the most important ones of these possibilities is the fact that by now even an untrained person who uses this technology can get similar results, even better ones, than a professional who trained for years to get his skills, but does not own and operate this equipment. Compare this to modern methods of locomotion ... where even a handicapped person driving a car or flying in a plane can get from one place to another much faster than the best trained person ever could do walking.  In fact, even the best trained person would have enormous difficulties crossing an ocean without technology.  Traditional esoteric practices of the old times and in our times dedicated a lot of training to the establishing of structural links and to the generating of life force!
With my invention of the Chi Generator®, such a task is as easy as driving a car, extensive training is no longer an absolute necessity. Simply put a trend link and target connection onto the wells of the radionics device, set the rates, turn on your generator of life energy, and you are now capable of working on the target person continuously and without hardly any of your own effort!

With such continuous and massive supply of life energy you can now bridge the distance between trend and target, thus establishing a “trend-field” around the target person, which you have chosen for your operation, and the probability that the envisioned event takes place is much higher now!

As far as the action of life energy is concerned, distance is a result of structural differences.  In other words: The closer to identity the structures used are, the less the distance between their location.  Unique structural links guarantee very effective transfer, spreading to other - also similar - structures is unlikely.  Again, this compares to your radio: the reception is much better when it is tuned precisely to the radio station.  Your radionics device enables you to get precise structural linkage. When you work with this device conscientiously, you will soon have the necessary experience to establish very reliable and unique structural links.

Of course, this has to do with the knobs and dials of the tuner and with the stick pad.  For the traditional radionics operator, this stick pad, or rubbing pad, is an integral part of the radionics devices as he or she knows them, and its purpose is to help you establish optimal structural links. Simply rub the stick pad gently with your thumb or finger tip while slowly turning one of the dials. Whenever your finger “rubs” differently (“the stick”), this indicates that you stop turning the dial. The number that you get this way is then the correct rate, or radionics setting.

As I said, this is the traditional way of getting a radionics rate.  Double blind experiments furnished proof that setting the dials arbitrarily while thinking of a trend, target, or any other description of positions (see the radionics programs) will furnish a valid rate, even if you do not use this stick pad.  I am certain that radionics gurus of the old school who are selling high priced “rate books” do not like these my findings.  All I am doing here is repeating that these experiments have been double blind.  Pre-defined rates as you find them in rate books have the advantage that you can tune into structural links that lots of people used before you.  Being something like collective placebo-effects, using such rates actually can increase to the effectiveness of such links.  Furthermore, a well-established system of rates makes diagnostic work much easier.

The Equipment

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