The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
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9. Intermediate Self-Programming (using Autogenic Training, if mastered)
Set the Chi Generator® up with the setting of the trend that you intend to project upon yourself, with the manifestation program or by simply writing down your intent and putting the paper next to the Chi Generator®. Carry the transfer disk on you. Then you relax yourself with the help of Autogenic Training and use a formulaized resolution, reflecting the desired trend, such as creativity. The setting of the pulse of the life energy is at a very low level. Practice for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are not familiar with Autogenic Training, simply relax fully, with the trend energy directed at yourself.
After getting out of the state of relaxation or Autogenic Training, leaving the setting of the Chi Generator®, and/or the manifestation program running, you set the pulse at a higher frequency. Keep carrying the transfer disk on you. Project the Chi energy to yourself for two to three hours.
I strongly suggest the practice of Autogenic Training to enhance the success of your practice with the orgone life energy generators. Free course on the Internet:

13. Intuition, Intelligence, Creativity, Learning Skills

(1) Write down what you intend to achieve.
(2) Set the pulse speed (frequency) of the Chi generator® to approximately 10 Hz.
(3) Get into a lying position.
(4) Put the transfer disk or transfer diagram in your pocket or lay it on your chest.
(5) Enter the state of Autogenic Training.
(6) Visualize or imagine yourself with the envisioned skills.
(7) After 10 to 15 minutes get up and put the transfer disk into your pocket and go about your business, ideally being involved in activities that require the skills of your programming.
(8) Keep the energy active and transferring to you for at least three hours.

14. Tuning into People at a Distance Using Structural Linkage
Now you know the principle of structural linkage and you have followed practices that make use of the transfer of life energy at any distance with the help of near-identical and equivalent structures. This principle, namely that distance is a result of structural differences, leads naturally to an understanding of some phenomena that have been largely unexplainable in the past. The fact that the distance played hardly any significant role in similar experiments has puzzled many researchers of the past. We know now that this phenomenon is the result of structural linkage, in which distance of “space” indeed is irrelevant.

The practice that follows makes use of this principle in a big way. Up to now you have established structural linkage with the help of the manifestation program, with photos, etc. Now you are using your mind to establish a structural link with an object or person. With its visualization and imagining power and other powers to abstract, the brain is in fact an ideal tool to establish structural links. Its disadvantage is that these visualization images and other abstractions are fleeting. In other words, you cannot hold them for any extended period of time as you can do with structural links of the kind that you have used up to now. However, if you use special techniques to stay for a few minutes with a specific image in order to explore that to which the image connects, you can gain valuable information about that target.
By now you know well that distance is a result of structural differences. Therefore, if, with the help of imagination-visualization, your brain establishes such a structural link to a target, you are right there. The skill is to adapt your sensory apparatus to the impressions that you get from your target to fit your perceptions. In other words, you need to train yourself to translate impressions that are transmitted through the medium of life energy (chi) into visual images, sounds, feelings, hunches, etc., for this linkage to become a valid tool. The Chi Generators® from HSCTI can help you achieve this goal. Just try it, and do not expect the sky! In any case, this is an interesting experience.
(1) Select a target
(2) Set the frequency of your Chi generator® at a low level
(3) With a headband, attach a structural link to your generator such as a transfer disk to the back of your head.
(4) Turn on the power.
(5) Mentally focus on the target and wait for impressions, thoughts, pictures, etc., to emerge.
(7) Time: About 15 to 20 minutes. Not more! Above all, don’t expect immediate results unless you have had previous training.

The Equipment

chi energizer 69
CE 69 Chi Energizer

chi energizer 99
CE 99 Chi Energizer

aqua optima 2000
AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer™

chi generator ju 99
JU 99 Series

cd for chi frequencies
JU 1000

chi generator lpog dl
LPOG 2400 DL

chi generator lpog hd
LPOG 2400 HD

chi generator performer 2400
Performer 2400

chi energy generator pchd
PCHD 2400

atg5 chi energy generator

chi energy ring atgs
ATGS 3000

transfer couple for chi energy
TC 99

large transfer to energize food

power booster
PBT 2400

potency booster
PBTBH 2400

basic manifestation program
Basic Manifestation Program

weight los manifestation program
Weight Control Program

supermanifestation program
Supermanifestation Program

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