The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

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Multiple Chi Energy Transfer

The Chi Generator® - a generator of life energy

During the course of human history, life energy has received many names:  In the East, it was called Prana (India), Chi (China), Ki (Japan).  In Hawaii, it was Mana, in the West it was Od (Karl von Reichenbach), Orgone (Reich), Animal Magnetism (Mesmer), Auxones (Waerland), and many others.


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Life Energy Technology ...
It's fun, it's easy, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid
back and relax while you expect assured success!


During recent history, some people in Western countries have claimed to have “discovered” life energy, not being aware that humans have been using this energy for tens of thousands of years.  This, in fact, means that these scientists have re-discovered life energy within their realm of experiences, their scientific research their scientific belief structures, and consequently they succeeded to explain this energy in a context that was in tune with their specific scientific thinking. 

Now, What is life energy?

It is obvious by now that life energy is an energy that is universally present.  Its main characteristic is dynamic flow and pulse:  it is movement.  In this respect, there is similarity with the electro-magnetic energy.

For the accumulation of life energy, certain materials proved to be very effective.  When re-discovering life energy for science more than 200 years ago, Franz Anton Mesmer called it animal magnetism (“personal magnetism” is the word used in our days), because he was well aware of a connection between life energy and magnetism.  Based on his hands-on knowledge, he built the first accumulators of life energy of which we know:  Oak barrels that he filled with iron filings.

Mesmer re-discovered life energy and he viewed it in a scientific context, as did Wilhelm Reich, Karl von Reichenbach, and others after him.
Wilhelm Reich was familiar with Mesmer’s work, since he studied hypnosis when he was a disciple of Freud.  In fact, for the past 150 years, every person who was learning hypnosis in the German speaking area learns about Mesmer as a “pioneer of hypnosis” right at the beginning of such studies.  When “discovering” life energy within the context of his work as an MD and psychologist, Reich used the term orgone for it.  He discovered that organic materials (he meant materials that contain carbon or silicone such as paper, wool, cotton, sand, or glass wool) attract and hold life energy while metal has the characteristic of attracting life energy and then immediately repelling it.  This understanding was a big step ahead of Mesmer’s oaken barrels that were filled with iron filings to attract “animal magnetism.”  Based on this new understanding why life energy was attracted, Reich was capable of building orgone accumulators that were more effective than Mesmer’s barrels and at the same time they required much less material.  He built boxes with alternating layers of organic and metallic matter.  The outside is organic while the innermost layer is metallic.  He recognized that the capability to attract and store life energy (as I said, he called it orgone) increased with the increase of layers.  Mesmer’s oaken barrels with iron filings then were single layer orgone accumulators.


Orgonite and life energy generators

Soon after I had invented the generator of life energy (Chi Generator®, or orgone generator®), I invented a new life energy attracting material, which I named orgonite®.  This material is a mixture of special metal alloy powders with extremely strong attractive and repelling characteristics with a special type of epoxy as organic material, plus, in the case of the newer super-orgonite®, a few additional enhancing materials that will remain classified for the time being.  This mixture has proven to be by far the most effective one for the accumulation of life energy, making the Chi Generators® that were built with super orgonite® as accumulating material much more powerful than their predecessors, which were still built with layers of organic and metallic materials.  All Chi Generators® from HSCTI - BEC are made with this new material, super-orgonite®!

Note: You can make an orgone accumulator simply by painting a metal box with latex paint into which you mix metal powder that you can purchase in any arts supply store.  This mixture is a form of orgonite®.  A few layers of this paint make much stronger orgone accumulators than the Reichian type with its thick layers of steel wool and fiber glass.

Therefore, with your Chi Generator®, you have now a device that has been designed according to the newest knowledge of life energy physics.  Naturally, it generates massive amounts of life energy rather than just accumulating it.  When you start working with your life energy generator and perform the practices that I am going to show you, you will soon realize how it feels to work with concentrated life energy.  In fact, most humans feel the energy that comes from the output pipe immediately.  Many can see it as well!

On the other hand, should you not feel the life energy initially, there is no need to worry.  With a bit of practice and, above all, with the necessary relaxed attitude and concentration, almost everybody is capable of feeling life energy within a relatively short time.  Just think back to your first attempts to ride a bicycle, and you will realize what I am talking about here.  At first you moved the handle bar extensively to keep your balance.  Later you mastered this fully and keeping of your balance was no longer a problem at all, and no conscious effort was needed any more.  In a similar way, the perception of life energy and work with it will be natural to you very soon.

The Equipment

chi energizer 69
CE 69 Chi Energizer

chi energizer 99
CE 99 Chi Energizer

aqua optima 2000
AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer™

chi generator ju 99
JU 99 Series

cd for chi frequencies
JU 1000

chi generator lpog dl
LPOG 2400 DL

chi generator lpog hd
LPOG 2400 HD

chi generator performer 2400
Performer 2400

chi energy generator pchd
PCHD 2400

atg5 chi energy generator

chi energy ring atgs
ATGS 3000

transfer couple for chi energy
TC 99

large transfer to energize food

power booster
PBT 2400

potency booster
PBTBH 2400

basic manifestation program
Basic Manifestation Program

weight los manifestation program
Weight Control Program

supermanifestation program
Supermanifestation Program

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